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Full node

In order to sync AOK blockchain you must setup full node. This guide describes setup process and some concepts like intraction with your node via command line interface.

Getting started

AOK software runs on all operating systems: Linux, macOS and Windows. You can get latest binaries from GitHub or build it on your own using code from master branch.

Once you downloaded (or compiled) binaries at your machine, you will have this two binaries:

  • aokchaind - headless AOK daemon responsible for syncing blockchain and providing wallet service
  • aokchain-cli - command line client which allows interact with AOK node and wallet


You can specify node params in aokchain.conf file at .aokchain folder (or C:\Users\Username\AppData\Roaming\AokChain on Windows).

Example config file looks like this:


Running node

Running AOK node pretty straightforward, you can use -printtoconsole flag to see the output or use -daemon to run it in headless daemon mode. This flags can also be specified in config file instead.

./aokchaind -daemon

Stopping node

If you launched AOK node in daemon mode, it can be stopped using cli utility like this:

aokchain-cli stop